TeamSpirit overview

TeamSpirit is a complete set of source code, from UI to backend, to have self-hosted B2C messenger inside any mobile app under your brand. Software developers may modify messenger’s code and include it into your products/apps.

TeamSpirit server is based on Linux and is easy to deploy and operate.

TeamSpirit features include text messaging, securely sharing documents, files and media content, sending contacts and location, and more. TeamSpirit server is hosted by yourself, under your own brand and your complete control.

TeamSpirit seamlessly integrates with the VideoMost SDK

TeamSpirit integration with VideoMost SDK

To add audio/video to TeamSpirit please contact Try VideoMost for free!

Вuilding in-app messaging for free

To get TeamSpirit Server just fill out a Request form and you will be provided a link to download it.

The free trial of TeamSpirit Server runs on Debian Linux and is delivered as a virtual machine in *.ova file for VMWare vCenter or ESXi 6.x.

To get TeamSpirit clients please visit AppStore or GooglePlay

Delivery package also includes:

  • guides for installation, configuration and management of TeamSpirit Server
  • set of stickers for text messaging

TeamSpirit Documentation

If you have any questions during the onboarding process, please feel free to explore our set of Technical guides, which has more information on installing, deploying, and configuring TeamSpirit.

For additional assistance, please contact

Network diagram

Integrate Bots

TeamSpirit provides API allowing quick bots integration into IM.

Save time & money by automating conversations that would otherwise require a specialist to answer

TeamSpirit API allows:

  • Make webhooks to run certain operations in external apps and services or call to server from external apps and services
  • Call to TeamSpirit Server via TeamSpirit API
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Extensions And API

TeamSpirit is highly customizable with access to code, UI text files, APIs, drivers, and a wide array of integrations and samples.

TeamSpirit can be extended by integration with additional options:

  • Calendar, meetings, task manager
  • Integration with project trackers (Trello, Jira, Confluence, InVision, GitHub etc.) with in-messenger notifications
  • Alerts “join/leave”
The TeamSpirit scalable platform can support external services integration:
  • E-wallets and online payments
  • Marketplace: order taxi, tickets, food delivery, on-line shopping, etc.
  • News feeds
  • Streaming services (music and video content)

License TeamSpirit IM platform to launch your own messenger inside your existing mobile app. Increase customers’ loyalty by offering them all the features of popular cloud messengers together with a range of services from partners. All in one app with a single interface under your company’s brand and full control.

What do you need to install and run VideoMost


A trial system:

  • CPU Intel/AMD with IA-64/amd64 architecture @ 2 GHz with SSE2
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 5 GB disk space for software and logs
  • More disk space for conference recording
  • At least 10 Mbps network

A production system:

  • Multi core processor Intel/AMD with amd64 architecture @ 2+ GHz with SSE2
  • 4+ GB RAM recommended
  • 10 GB disk space (SAS for performance and RAID/mirroring for failover)
  • More disk space for conference recording and uploading files
  • At least 100 Mbps network

In general:

  • Firewalls and/or network screens must be switched off during the installation
  • Ensure Internet connection to required for activating the license
  • If you install in a virtualized environment make sure it supports Hypervisor Resource Reservation

Operating system

  • CentOS Linux 6 (64-bit)
  • CentOS Linux 7 (64-bit)
  • Debian Linux 7 (64-bit)
  • Debian Linux 8 (64-bit)
  • Debian Linux 9 (64-bit) - recomended!
  • Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 6 (64-bit)
  • Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 7 (64-bit)
  • Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Server Edition (64-bit)
  • Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Server Edition (64-bit)

File systems

We recommend using ext3/ext4 file system


During the installation the following software will be also installed:

  • MySQL-server
  • MySQL-client
  • Apache 2
  • PHP
  • OpenJDK

Other requirements

  • To run TeamSpirit server a valid domain certificate needs to be installed on your system. For example go to or and get the certificate for free
  • The correct time must be configured on the server
  • Server works only with FQDN
  • Correctly configured DNS with A record


Please fill out all required fields correctly to download TeamSpirit Server: